Weather conditions at takeoff

I have obtained data from a variety of sources, analysed this to create a Power BI report for understand the impact of adverse weather conditions on aircraft to:

  • Understand which aircraft or engine type, which airports have the greatest risk exposures
  • Diagnose specific incidents
  • Use for audit and safety assessments

Role: Rolls-Royce Engine Environmental Protection Specialist.

Service events investigations

In response to aero engine damage or power loss events in service, I have performed extensive analysis of data from a large number of disparate sources, including both measured data and simulated predictions. This has been used to diagnose the causes of the events and, where appropriate, to implement changes to avoid recurrences.

Role: Rolls-Royce Engine Environmental Protection Specialist.

Bulk flight data analysis

I have developed algorithms and a data processing system for the identification of exposure of aircraft to adverse weather conditions, including both aircraft on-board data processing and back-office analysis.

Role: Rolls-Royce Engine Environmental Protection Specialist.

Property sale monitoring and analysis

In order to improve understanding of the vitality of the housing market for purchases and sales, I have developed a web scraper to obtain data from the RightMove real estate property website, loading it into a MySQL database. I have then used Power BI to visualise the data, allowing understanding of the time between listing and sale for different price brackets in different regions.

Role: Personal use.

Remote working solution

A blocker to subcontracting engineering work from a UK-based engine development project to a team in Rolls-Royce Deutschland was the lack of a suitable IT solution. I was therefore responsible for the development of a quick solution to the problem, using a combination of VPN and data mirroring, while respecting Export Control and Intellectual Property protection requirements.

Role: Rolls-Royce Performance Systems Team Leader.

Performance data systems

I was responsible for assessing the viability and reliability of a temporary data system for the management of simulation and experimental data in the Performance Engineering discipline. This included the generation of the appropriate data system architecture documentation and liaison with the company IT department, as well as managing requirements and testing.

Role: Rolls-Royce Performance Systems Team Leader.

Production Pass-off Performance analysis

I managed the development of a new system for analysing the performance of aero engines coming off the production line, in order to remove dependence on a legacy mainframe. This involved assessing requirements and ensuring that the resultant system would be accurate, reliable and traceable.

Role: Rolls-Royce Performance Systems Team Leader.