R̩alix Technologies and Altran AeroSpace and Defence, Massy and Villaroche, France, 2004 Р2008


Novel systems modelling ; Future engine design ; Client prospecting and management ; Team management ; Subcontracting financial management system.

Skills demonstrated

Client management and prospecting ; Team management ; Budgeting, invoicing, financial management ; Gas turbine performance engineering ; Thermodynamics ; Technology research ; Physical systems simulation ; Optimisation ; Surrogate model and response surface generation ; Process automation ; Software development ; Database development.

Tools and technologies

Janus performance modelling software ; FORTRAN ; Excel Visual Basic for Applications ; MySQL ; PHP ; JavaScript ; HTML ; LMS Optimus ; iSight.

Data sources

Charts and tabular data from publications ; Analysis output ; Contracts ; User input.


Novel systems modelling

Development of new techniques for the computational representation of novel components in a turbofan engine. Comprised the use of literature searching and first principles physics approaches, followed by calibration of the modelling using measured data. Finally, I studied the potential benefits of the novel components and systems by back-to-back assessment in a computational environment.

Tools and technologies: Janus performance modelling software, Fortran, Excel Visual Basic for Applications.

Data sources: Charts and tabular data from publications; analysis output.

Future engine design

Preliminary performance cycle design for various aero engine concepts, including SNECMA SaM146, Silvercrest, ECO88, Tech56, LEAP56 and supersonic business jets.

Tools and technologies: Janus performance modelling software, Fortran, Excel Visual Basic for Applications.

Client prospecting and management

I was part of a team marketing the consultancy services of Altran AeroSpace and Defence across the aeronautical propulsion community, including sales visits to prospective clients across Europe and representation of the organisation at air shows.

Team management

Line management and performance management for a team of six performance engineers. Recruitment, coaching and development of the team.

Subcontracting financial management system

Developed a relational SQL database, with user input interface via PHP and data exporting into Excel and PDF generation for management of time and expenditure for subcontracting projects.

Tools and technologies: MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Excel, VBA.

Data sources: Contracts, user input.